Making Democracy Work

Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Upcoming League Events!

It's a Holiday Party. And we want you to join us in cheer as we compare ugly sweaters, play Pictionary, and drink merrily. Set your sights on Christmas lights and eggnog 'round the tree. Please join us for an afternoon of fun at a Festive Holiday Party! on Sunday, December 20 at 3 o'clock. Don your tackiest sweater and bring your tastiest beverage and dish for added holiday cheer.

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Next Opportunity to Vote: March 1, 2016 (Presidential Primaries)

March 1, 2016, is Primary Election Day in Virginia.

Virginians will help each party determine its candidate for President. Pick your ballot: Democrat or Republican.

The deadline to register to vote in these contests is February 9, 2016.

Think you're already registered? Take a moment to double check.

NOTE: If you have moved since the last election, even within the same apartment building, you will need to update your registration.

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Are You Ready to Vote?

Virginia Voting Law - requires everyone to bring an official photo ID to the polls. Most Virginians know very little about this new law.

Below is what everyone needs to know - please link to this page and help spread the word.

Here's a short (English language) summary of the new Photo ID law.

Here's a short (Spanish language) summary of the new Photo ID law.

Questions? Call the Arlington Voter Registrar - 703 228 3456.

LWV-Arlington - Voter Registration

The Arlington League will be registering voters this fall and winter! If you're interested in learning more or want to volunteer to help get your follow Arlington neighbors registered to vote, contact us!

Here's what you need to know about voting in Virginia.

Go to to get all of your ballot questions answered!

What Is the League?

Women can vote. Why are we still here?

Because our democracy needs care and attention. Because we are fearless and relentless.

See this video to learn more about who we are.

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We're doing a lot of important things for our community and we'd like you to help us get fellow residents registered to vote and voting with an informed voice. Join us.

Medicaid Expansion: Who Benefits?

Virginia has not adopted "Medicaid expansion" to provide health insurance coverage to tens of thousands of residents.

Want to know what's at stake? Watch our September 10 forum online here.

Joe Flores, Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia
Massey Whorley, Senior Policy Analyst, The Commonwealth Institute
Mary Margaret Whipple, Regional Director for Community and Member Outreach, Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association; former state Senator
Joe Vidulich, Vice President, Government Relations, Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Sheila Ryan, Director of Clinical Services, Arlington Free Clinic

What We're Up To in 2015

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Let us know if you would like to join us in planning events or doing policy advocacy.