12 July the Arlington League sponsored a presentation, "Redistrcting and the Future of  Popular Sovereignty". The featured speaker was Professor Michael Latner from the Union of Concerned Scientists. After his presentation Professor Latner lead a Q and A session. 303 people have already viewed the video at our Facebook site – and Falls Church and Fairfax shared the video with their people and it has been loaded on to several League VA Facebook feeds.


10 July found Amy Hjerstedt (Falls Church), Don Gurney’s hat, Lisa Gerchick, Gayla Horn, Connie Potter, Ann Sharp, Laura Lawson, Joan Porte, Marlene Nyman, Jackie Rivas and Betty Cabrera at the Fair Redistricting Committee meeting.

FairRedistricting committeeMembers.jpeg

29 June - 1July the Arlington League was represented at the National Convention in Chicago by 3 of our officers who attended several sessions on pertinent issues focusing on the Convention theme: "Creating a More Perfect Democracy".


26 June the Arlington League of Woman Voters, the UUCA and presented a Sips and Civility Program: Experiencing the Lives of DACA and Dreamer Kids of Arlington. Café Sazon provided refreshments. Three young immigrants spoke about how current immigration policy affected their lives, education and aspirations. Then immigration attorneys Robert Remes and David Rothwell from the Dream Project gave an update on legal barriers and increased threats Dreamers face in the current environment and what we can do to help them!

Book club 2.jpg

17 June the LWV Arlington's Book Club had a lively discussion about the June title, “Miracle at Philadelphia,” with a special guest ... Their next meeting is July 15 and the featured title is Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong” - by James W. Loewen.

16 June The LWVVA Council met in Richmond. Delegates from all 14 local Virginia Leagues met to approve to next year’s budget and to vote on substantial updates to the LWVVA issue positions on Behavioral Health and Education. An update on the progress in ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment  was presented and Dr. Rachel Bitcofer spoke on political behavior and recent elections. Attendees joined 'break-out sessions' such as "LWVUS Convention and proposed organizational transformation". LWV-Arlinngto sent two voting delegates and two observers. 




6 June The Arlington League of Woman Voters along with the Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance and Equality UUCA sponsored a non-partisan forum on the legislative status of full LGBTQ equality in Virginia. A pot luck social preceded the speakers: State Senator Adam Ebbin, Delegate Patrick Hope, James Parrish, Executive Director and, Vee Lamneck, Deputy Director of Equality Virginia, who reviewed  the legislation introduced in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly and previewed the 2019 session.

2 June The voter registration campaign for the 6 November Elections and providing information on in-person early absentee voting commenced at the Leeway - Overlee  Community Day. The League is also collecting signatures on the Onevirginia2021 action forms supporting the creation of an independent redistricting commission to redraw the federal and state legislative districts in 2021.



19 May we held our Annual Meeting where guest speaker, Commissioner Tom Hicks, Chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), described best practices in election security and administration, and the role of the EAC in assisting state and local election officials. Out-going President Kathy Matusiak recognized our partners from Inspire Virginia - Morgan O’Toole and Liz Twig - who were an essential part of our successful high school registration efforts. On behalf of the League, Secretary Seema Jain presented Kathy Matusiak with a token of our appreciation for all she had done the past 2 years as President. President Elect Joan Porte explained her vision on how the League can build aggressively build on this year’s achievements and expand into new member driven areas. Attendees contributed their ideas during the business meeting where official positions and by-laws were adopted.

2018-2019 Board

 L-R: Treas. Don Gurney, VicePres. Mary Voulgaris, *Mary Tate, Pres. Joan Porte, Past Pres. Kathy Matusiak, *Natalie Golldring, Secretary Seema Jain. [* Director]

L-R: Treas. Don Gurney, VicePres. Mary Voulgaris, *Mary Tate, Pres. Joan Porte, Past Pres. Kathy Matusiak, *Natalie Golldring, Secretary Seema Jain. [* Director]

May 3 at the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) Capital Bike Share sign-up and 5 May at the Arlington Mill Farmers Market Grand Opening and 6 May at Vista at Courthouse, the league sponsored voter information and registration for the 12 June Primary.

28 April Arlington league sponsored an up-date on "GERRYMANDERING and the SUPREME COURT"  presented by Paul Smith, Esq.  The Redistricting committee did a super job organizing and running this program. Professor Smith has argued a long list of voting rights cases in the Supreme Court. Just this Term he argued Gill v. Whitford, the partisan gerrymandering challenge out of Wisconsin, and Husted v. APRI, a challenge to Ohio’s practice of purging registered voters for not voting. His expertise lead to a clear and compelling program followed by a robust Q and A session.


25 April  LWV Arlington gathered at Osteria da Nino Cucina for "Sips and Civility - Let's Talk! --- Even About Touchy Issues" and practiced how to have a civil conversation about politically touchy issues ... how to discuss everything with everybody!




9 March the School voter Registration Campaign finished after registering 5 students at the New Directions Program and at H-B Woodlawn  where we registered 49 students. During our class room visits we registered a huge total of 347 new voters.  This tops last year’s total of 288.

20 February the Arlington League kicked off its High School Registration Campaign at Wakefield High School. League volunteers were joined by Morgan O’Toole (Inspire Staff) and  Inspire VA students in classroom presentations and registering students eligible to vote in the 2018 elections. Over 290 students have been registered.


The students participate in a voting exercise. All students in the class stand representing all eligible youth voters 18-29. 50% of students sit down. Seated students represent the percentage of eligible youth voters who did NOT register. Half of remaining students sit down. They represent the percentage of registered youth voters that did NOT vote. The 25% still standing are those who ACTUALLY VOTED in a presidential election. 3 out of 4 young people gave up their voice to others. The remaining standing [4] students represent the percentage of youth voters who DO VOTE in an off year election LIKE THE ONE THIS YEAR.


62 students registered and LWV volunteers joined the Wakefield "Walk Out".


League volunteers, Inspire staff, and Inspire students registered 59 students at Washington-Lee High School.


172 students filed registration forms at Yorktown High School.


14 February our league trained volunteers to register Arlington high school students who will be old enough to vote by Nov 6, 2018. President Kathy Matusiak lead the presentation. Watch for these new volunteers at our APS High Schools between 20 February and 2 March as Arlington HS seniors register to use their votes to make their voices heard!

14 April the Arlington League hosted a Post 2018 Virginia General Assembly Roundtable where our representatives reported on the Assembly and the coming "Veto Session". State Senators Adam Ebbin, Barbara Favola, and Janet Howell, along with Delegates Patrick Hope, Mark Levine, and Alfonso Lopez shared insights and answered questions.

IMG_3583 copy.png
IMG_8503 copy.png
IMG_3582 copy.png


6 March the Arlington League hosted an enthusiastic crowd at our first Sips and Civility – a Trivia Game on the VA General Assembly – at Bistro 360 in Arlington. Not only did guests tell us they learned a lot about their government, but they had a wonderful time meeting friends and neighbors! It was a fantastic night of fun, food, and even some learning!

20 February the Arlington League kicked off its High School Registration Campaign at Wakefield High School. League volunteers were joined by Morgan O’Toole (Inspire Staff) and  Inspire VA students in classroom presentations and registering students eligible to vote in the 2018 elections. Over 290 students have been registered.

4 March several LWV-Arlington members joined the "March Forth March Fourth" against Gerrymandering in Virginia. They car-pooled together to Richmond where they marched from the Hippodrome to a rally in the park next to the Capitol bell tower. On returning to the Hippodrome, they participated in training exercises; heard delegates from both parties discuss the importance of fair redistricting; and ended up with some humorous remarks by fake delegate, Gerry Mandering. In all about 300 people participated. 

11 February we enjoyed light food selections and drinks at Cassatt's with fellow and prospective League members and learned about all of the wonderful programs we are planning for this year and ... VOLUNTEER-ed!

10 February the Arlington League Redistricting Committee organized the "Opportunity to Work for Fair Redistricting in Virginia" event held at Arlington Mill Community Center featuring One Virginia 2021 Executive Director Brian Cannon. Arlington League Vice-President Joan Porte kicked off the event and facilitated the question and answer session. The League Redistricting Committee meets on a monthly basis to share information and coordinate strategy to increase awareness and support for fair redistricting.  New members are welcome to attend.   


6 February LWV-Arl participated in a panel discussion on Arlington County Civic Federation's Resolution: Redistricting. Members of the panel were: Don Gurney, LWV-Arl; Brian Cannon - OneVirginia2021; Juliet Hiznay ACCF Legislative Committee. Also in the picture is Duke Banks, ACCF President. The resolution passed. Read the resolution HERE.



30 January members of the Arlington League attended the "State of the Resistance" presentation at Busboys and Poets. Read the report.



21 January our league sponsored a discussion on The Electoral College in “Federalist Papers 10 and 68” presented by Dr. T. Lindsay Moore, Adjunct Professor. United States Military Academy (International Relations) Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University (National Security Studies) Adjunct Professor, National Defense Intelligence College (Law and Intelligence).

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IMG_3219 copy.png