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Workshop: How to Assure Voting Rights In VA with the ACLU of Virginia

Virginia has a long way to go to remove restrictions to voting including the arduous process for restoring rights.

The ACLU and LWV worked together during this past legislative session to support an amendment to the Virginia Constitution. Unfortunately, the legislation did not pass.

The process to amend the Constitution is long requiring the passage of the amendment by two sessions of the General Assembly before it goes to the voters. Therefore, we have much work to do!

Join ACLU Virginia Executive Director Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, for a conversation on what we have to do to make this a reality!

Proposed wording of amendment:

Every person 18 or over, is a citizen, a Virginia resident and who registers shall have the fundamental right to vote in the commonwealth, and such right shall not be abridged by law.

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