LWV Virginia State 2018 Priorities HERE


The LWV-ArlingtonVA encourages our members to contact our State representatives on key local and statewide issues. It is important to remember, though, that only a League spokesperson, usually the president, speaks in the name of the League. As individual members we can take action also on our own behalf and only lobby our own legislators. If you are interested in lobbying other members of the VA State Assembly, we encourage you to participate in the Women’s Legislative Round-tables during the VA State General Session.

State Senator Adam Ebbin (D. District 30) P.O. Box 26415,  Alexandria, VA 22313 Phone: (571) 384-8957 Email

State Senator Barbara Favola (D. District 13) 2319 18th Street North,  Arlington, VA 22201-3506Phone: (703) 835-4845   Email

State Senator Janet Howell (D. Distrct 32) P.O. Box 2608, Reston, VA 20195-0608Phone: (703) 709-8283 Email

Delegate Mark Levine (D. District 45) 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314   Office: (571) 234-8481 Email

Delegate Patrick Hope (D. District 47) P.O. Box 3148, Arlington, VA 22203,  Office: (703) 486-1010 Email

Delegate Rip Sullivan (D. District 48) P.O. Box 50753, Arlington, VA 22205,  Office: (571) 210-5876 Email

Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D. District 49) P.O. Box 40366, Arlington, VA 22204,  Office: (571) 336-2147 Email

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